Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

This is #44 - Sunset Star and it is entirely hand pieced! I'm getting pretty good at this hand work thing. I drew and cut out my fabrics on Saturday night while the kids were entertaining Daddy with puppet shows and playing crazy 8. Then I spent some quality time in front of the tv while hand piecing most of it on Saturday night. I finished up the last three corners on Sunday morning while the kids were each in the tub and am calling this one done. It seems they are great at staying dry at night until someone asks. It never fails the next evening there is an accident.
One question for you hand piecing people out there. How do you start and stop? Do you make a knot or do you back stitch? I have been doing the back stitch method (make the first stitch twice at the same spot) and it seems to be staying in fine. Thanks for any feedback on this question.


  1. It looks great! Everything gets better and easier with practice, handwork is no exception. I usually backstitch and then slide the thread under that last stitch to finish off. Having something ready seems to be the key to accomplishing handwork. Speaking of which, I am all out of prepped work and should probably do some of that.

  2. Your block looks really nice! You are one brave lady to handpiece. :) I'm not a hand piecer but I sure wish I had the patience for it.

  3. Nice block :D Looks very difficult!

  4. Nice job! I like to backstitch as well, but sometimes I use knots too. I am glad that you are enjoying the hand-piecing - I love it and find it very soothing and satisfying.

  5. Ooh pretty block, I really like this one. The handwork looks great. I do just as you do, I do the backstitch method for stops. I also make a little knot after backstitching but not a double knot.


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