Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school...

On his way to his first day of pre-school. He was excited to go and did great.
Heading to his first day of school.
 I had to call him back to get a picture - he was running to go in! He had a great time today and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. He wants to make more friends, he got two new ones today.

Aidan and Emmy

Mom, Dad and Emmy went out to breakfast at IHop after dropping the boy off at 7:45. Then it was back home so I could head into work for the day. I get the drop off and pick up for the rest of this week and Daddy will have Mondays when I work. I hope it keeps going as smoothly as this morning.


  1. So exciting! Hope he keeps liking it as much as he did today.

  2. Isn't it great to see the excitement in his eyes? Wishing Aidan a good year at school and hope he makes many new friends.