Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Heart A Day in May - Half way point!

We are technically half way through the month of May. I hope the hearts are coming along nicely for everyone. We should have about 16 of our 31 hearts done today. I figured it was a good time to lay mine out and see how they are coming along. I have 17 hearts... since I did that practice one in April. It works though - I need 32 hearts for this layout (7x9) and 31 connector nine patch blocks. Guess I need to make a bunch more of those nine patch blocks!

I have also been cutting the white backing from mine and making a bonus heart onto a 5 inch square. These are coming out nice and colorful! 13 of 16 are done.


  1. half way! good for you bet you are glad unless you are still enjoying making hearts

    1. I'm still good with hearts. I did oodles of peels one year and then lots of fleur de lis for the 1857 quilt border. Takes a lot for me to get bored... and these are all different fabrics so it is fun. I was getting sick of the same purple fleur de lis..... which still needs to get the blocks all sewn together!

  2. This is going to be a very pretty, bright, cheery quilt! ~Jeanne

  3. Those look so pretty - both versions!

  4. coming along very nicely :) You are such a busy and involved mama with your kids it always amazes me what you manage to accomplish in regards to your quilting projects as well :)