Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday May 22

We only have a little over a week left in this heart a day challenge! So many pretty hearts are popping up, I thank all of you who decided to take the challenge and play along.

I took some time on Sunday and got all my connector blocks completed and pressed. I decided today was a good day to lay them all out again and see how it is coming along. Oops... guess I made 32 connector blocks... so I can keep them like this or swap the hearts and connector blocks! Peanut decided to 'help' so I didn't play with them.... he was doing enough of that already!

The baby 5 inch squares are coming along well too.


Needled Mom said...

Your hearts look so pretty with the 9 patches. I can't believe May is almost gone.

Deb A said...

Thanks! I can't believe my kids are almost out of school for the year! Time sure has flown by.