Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday May 30

Just got back from a 15 minute walk with Emily...... it ended with umbrella's up and a little rain. I timed it pretty well as it is now a downpour... like it has been most of the day.

I did manage to finally go pick the second picking of green beans from the garden. I asked the kids to do it the last two days.. yup, it did not get done amid the rain drops. Mom - the orange Tupperware salad bowl is filled.... to give you an idea of the amount. Emily also picked 3 radishes. I'll think of you as I enjoy them!

My heart for the day today.

Time to sweep floors as Emily indicated she'll swiffer Mop them for me! Then clean bathrooms and it will be about time to head to gymnastics. Shoot.. I'll defrost some burger meat while doing all that so I can cook up a batch of taco meat for  dinner tonight. I'll have mine over a nice romaine salad with an avocado, tomato and cheese. Yummy.
Hopefully the rains stop after dinner so I can get another walk in... a wee bit longer this time - fingers crossed. I have not hit my 10,000 steps at all this week (or last) with all the rain and thunder storms. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have not hit my steps either - I guess I will have to try harder after we leave the heat and humidity behind - was not expecting this high humidity here so early in the year. Once we head further north to the maybe it will be cooler

Deb A said...

Yes, My excuse is the constant rain when I normally walk - first thing in the morning then after dinner has been t-storms. I'm looking forward to the cooler and no humidity of VT for a couple of weeks this summer.

LA Paylor said...

good for you to walk even in the rain. It's what we do too, and a walk resets us doesn't it? Send Emily over to swiffer our floors please

Needled Mom said...

I wish we could share the rain.