Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1 - The end of a heart a day in May!

I had hoped to have these blocks all sewn together.... but ended up working on Thursday to make up for the holiday Monday, ran errands (across town to pick up glasses that were in at the eye doctor, gas in car, car wash and the kids vacuumed out the car) in the afternoon then got my exercise in last night. Some no bake cookies might have also been made. There went the day!

My last heart was a blue one.

 Whenever I lay them out... this happens. Ollie decided to 'help' this morning.

I started sewing the bonus 5 inch charms with hearts together yesterday... but the bobbin thread ran out and I took it as a sign to go outside with the kids. 

I hope all those who played along this month enjoyed the little bit of stitching each day. Thanks for joining me in this challenge. Here is a link up if you'd like to share your hearts from May. I hope to have my blocks sewn together this weekend.... so the hand quilting can start on it this month.


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    1. I really enjoyed playing along. Now to use that same incentive and time to get progress some of my other projects.
      BTW Since Blogger is updating stuff, it was suggested you post a comment on your own blog post and ask to be notified if comments are posted and they will appear in your email inbox.

    2. Thanks! Great tip Chris.

  2. it is a wonder at times how much we can cram into a day

  3. Yes, some day's are worse than others. Today is horseback riding for Emily ... which takes 30 minutes to get there, 30 minutes of riding with 15 minutes before and after to care for the horse. She has had the last class the last few weeks and gets to give the horse a bath too!

  4. Your heart blocks are adorable. This will be a very pretty quilt. Every time I see your header I want to make it. I really need to find the pattern and start cutting blocks.