Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday...... or a Monday reboot!

The day after a holiday is always hard to get back into the routine. It is especially hard this week since it is the first week the kids are off school as well. I did get a 30 minute walk in this morning =)

So far it has been quiet... after I asked them to move where they were hammering to find dinosaurs out of something from Emily's teacher like Palentologists (right at the edge of my laundry room/garage area which is my sewing area and office for work!). Then going out to refill my water glass only to find the milk out on the counter along with the blender and the carnation instant breakfast packets. Sigh..... it is going to be a long summer. On the plus side.... Greg will take Aidan to his guitar lesson tonight so I get a break from one activity this week. I'll take the kids to the library this afternoon instead... they need books to read. I told them they still need to read 30 minutes a day... which is like twisting Emily's arm to get her to read. The other one... if he has books to read he will. Complete opposites they are.

On the bright side.....

I have a slew of little hearts on 5 inch squares! I think I will make 4 more to have 36 total and a 6x6 setting of these which will finish at 27 inches square.

My hearts for Monday and today. Only 2 more days left for this heart challenge. Could someone please remind me not to do this in May next year... maybe June.... but may is a busy month!

Here is your link up.

Mom - I ordered an OTT light that is being shipped to you at home. It will give some better light for me at camp for hand work.... you can open it and try it out =). If you really like it..... I can leave it there instead of taking it home with me =)


Chris said...

but no other month rhymes with day

Deb A said...

Too funny!

Needled Mom said...

Ah yes...summertime!!! Your hearts look so pretty.

Deb A said...

Thank you!

Karen said...

I like your hearts. It will be an awesome quilt. Every time I see you quilt in the header it reminds me I want to make one. I just love it. I guess the first start will be is find the pattern so I know what size to cut the blocks. Then start sewing. I have a plan. Enjoy your summer.