Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday May 18

A little late today. I was helping out at field days (outdoor games) today at school. The first set 8:30-10:30 was fine for K-2. I had an hour lunch and then the big kids (3-5)..... got rained out in the third cycle so about 30 minutes into their 2 hours. They went inside for a movie or back to the gifted class (Aidan and some others in his class) to continue their year end party today and prep for their student led conference with parents next week after school.

As long as I remember today is Friday and not Thursday I'll remember to take Emily to horse riding today... although I doubt she'll let me forget! I did forget to put something in the crock pot this morning... and horses are at 4:30 for an hour... 30 minutes from home,  so .... we will see what they do with leftover roaster chicken for dinner. Aidan wants to make his into a caesar wrap like Subway has. Not sure what the rest of us will do... mine will go onto a salad I think.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Texas. When will the violence end?

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