Monday, May 7, 2018

May 7 -

I made a green heart today..... and a couple of small hearts yesterday.

The brown Dresden plate was finished with the hand quilting. I'll need to prep the maroon one since I did not do that yesterday.

The blue binding was sewn onto the front of the churn dash quilt and I started hand stitching the binding down last night. I just did straight line stitching along the angle of the rows. I used warm and natural batting so not much quilting is needed and I like the snugly flannel backing I put on it.

It should get finished this week - nice to have something warm on me as the AC blows directly onto my recliner. It is really kicking in with the temps in the mid 80's and hitting close to 90 at the end of this week. I'm regretting volunteering for field days next Friday the 18th...any chance someone can send a cold mass of air down to Florida then - I'd take anything in the 70's and/or cloudy weather that day!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how many hearts do you intend to make? it will make a cute quilt for sure

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love your churn dash and your brown dresdens... I am "nearly" ready to start my hearts, lol! Got all the fabric picked, template cut out.. now need to be brave enough to try!!! xx

Needled Mom said...

Your hearts look so pretty. The Dresden is fabulous. The summer temps will soon be upon you there. I hope the Churn Dash gets done before then.