Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Hearts! Sunday was red, orange was Monday and today is sage green! Life should get a little quieter now.... and hopefully I will be back to daily posting of the hearts. I have been keeping up. Thanks for playing along and bearing with me in this busy month of May.

Yesterday was a wee bit hectic with the last meeting of girl scouts - bridging (I completely missed 2 girls so an afternoon trip to the Wildwood store to get things), year end party and organizing and coordinating things. I am so blessed that the families share their daughters with me. We have a wonderful group of girls (14) and parents. Two parents who help out a lot got together and created a shutterfly photo album of our year with the girls for me and my co-leader this year. It was awesome! They even had the girls sign it for us without us knowing. Wish I could share photo's of it on here... but I keep my girls private to respect their parents wishes. 

I took my walk this morning...... it was not raining when I left but 7 minutes from home the sky opened up and I got soaked! Oh well, it rained all day yesterday and I figured it might hold off for the full 30 minutes of my walk this morning. I'm also still figuring out my new phone and how it works. Very different from my iPhone.... just a learning curve right now to figure things out but I did manage to send the photo to my e-mail to get it on here. Now to figure out the google cloud sharing so I can skip that step I hope! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I would hate getting a new phone - I hate learning new tech stuff I am horrible at it. Another thing I hate is getting rained on LOL - my day would have been spoiled :)

Deb A said...

The rain I don't mind at all since I was just walking home. The new technology..... will take a little time to figure out. I need to find songs to listen to on my walk so will be doing research later on that.