Thursday, August 6, 2020

The day after.....

 Well, sounds like no sleep for hubby last night. Lots of pain today... they did say it would get worse before it gets better. Sigh. He said it feels like someone has been poking his butt with a fork all night. I had him try to ice it and see if that helps before I headed out for my walk this morning. The pain meds finally kicked in more than an hour after he got up. 

I had to wait in my car yesterday... and there was a shady spot on the side of the building. I pulled in and put the windows down (yes it was 90 degrees + humidity). Sounds like it hurt like the dickens for the shot, especially when they pushed the meds in. We were home a little after noon.... the appointment was at 11:15. His orders are to do nothing but rest for a couple of days. 

While waiting and listening to my audiobook I got the second Endless Diamond block completed. It needs a press but I like how they connect. 

I got a little hand quilting in on the frame before I had to stop and join a Zoom call for Girl Scout Leaders. I get to roll the frame today! 

I'm not sure how the year will go... but I want to get my girls their bronze for those that want it. We had a walk through scheduled at a local food bank/shelter back the end of March.. which of course was cancelled with all the lockdowns at the time. We will see what the girls decide on Monday night. The girls have a good chunk of change in their bank account that we are unable to do the things we planned with it yet. They wanted a roller skating party, paining with a twist and camping overnight at Camp Wildwood.  No indoor meeting and only small numbers - 8 girls and 2 adults for outside socially distanced meetings if everyone signs a Covid health release. Our troop will not be meeting this way as neither leader is comfortable with it. We will see how the year goes... if it goes. 

I let the ladies out this morning as Emily was still sleeping.... a nice peep, peep, peep greeting and pet before they flew down to drink and eat and catch the cricket that was trying to get out but could not!

This was them yesterday.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

doing any club meetings are going to be challenging for sure would think for any kinds of groups.
Hope your hubby's shot start to help soon and that he will not regret getting it - surely it will or would never have been suggested

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

We're all out here rooting for your hubby to get some relief! Hope today it's a little better. Seeing your pretty blocks is making me want to start a new hand-pieced project. Not sure what yet, though. Good luck with the Girl Scout organizing! I'm sure the girls (and leaders) are missing "normal!"

Ray and Jeanne said...

Oh, I feel for your husband. Sometimes it takes some pain to help relieve pain. Those shots can really hurt. I love how your endless diamond blocks connect. Good luck with scouts - it sure is a crazy year for everything. ~Jeanne