Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wednesday.... shot day.....

It took a few months to get the pain doctor appt for my hubby, then insurance denied the shot last month. The doctor reapplied and this time they approved it. Today is the day! Lets hope that it helps relieve the pain.

I have the 3rd scrappy Endless Diamond block prepped for waiting time. I will start out with finishing off the second block either in the waiting room or the car. Unsure of that waiting space for me right now. 

Block 2

Block 3

I did get a little hand stitching added to the cat and mouse quilt yesterday. I should be able to roll the quilt later today or tomorrow! Sew exciting to see process finally on this. I think this 30 minutes a day will work out well! I figure I get 45 minutes with one NCIS episode on Netflix. 

Dinner is in the crock pot. I pulled 2 of the 2 pound bork butts from the freezer and will be making carnitas today! Yes, I have one small packet in the freezer from last time. I found a big package of pulled pork in the freezer too.. and since the kids had pulled pork at Grandma's on Sunday..... I went with Carnitas. Guess I am in a mexican mood! The recipe I am using is here. The kids gave it a thumbs up the last time I made it...and that was before I broiled it. They were just eating it off the shedding sheet pan!

I did have to make a quick stop at the store last night after delivering the rest of the troop cookie rewards. I figure I added at least 40 miles to the car delivering to 3 houses. I did find out that our Neighborhood Walmart was nearly empty of people around 8:30 at night - so I got the coffee filters that I was out of and some OJ for the carnitas. They had a little bit of school supplies so I picked up a thing of pencils already sharpened for the kids and a notebook and glue sticks for me. I use notebooks for work to jot down notes, etc as I am programming and testing things. Em asked for glue - I think she is making something with it today. I'll wait on other school supplies until we get the supply lists from each of their teachers... although it is probably safe to grab notebooks, pens and pencils. Their backpacks are still working fine for when/if they go back to in person school. 

The kids are starting school virtually for the first quarter and possibly semester. We got a call from Aidan's Robotics teacher yesterday afternoon. He is offering the virtual kids an opportunity to stay in robotics with a before school - zero period - option M,W,F to do the team class. The computers are spaced 6 feet apart and would be groups of 3-4  working on the robots and masks are to be worn in class. This would avoid the changing classes with lots of kids and be a limited number of kids in class....and first thing so if this virus hangs around in the air it would have been done from the previous days classes. He see's swapping it to a first period class once things settle down and they can be in class safely.  That would allow the 20 minute drive time to get home for his rest of the school day. We think it is a 'low risk'... and accepted it since he would have missed a whole year of Robotics if we didn't. The teacher understands... his son is doing virtual the first quarter as well and it sounds like his older child has had the virus. He knows of a few people who have had it - his son was just a few days feeling blah but the other person was very sick with it for a while. You just don't know which category you will fall into 'when/if' you get it. 

Off to shower and prep my 'waiting' bag! Throwing in the above 2 blocks, a book, water, snacks, knitting... just a little of everything. I never know what I will feel like working on.....


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope all goes well with your husbands pain shot and that it will work!! I will check out the pork recipe keep trying to think of new things to try - never eating out now makes me want to find new things to try.
Understand the son wanting his classtime - hope all will be safe.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So glad to hear the shot was approved and sending all the good thoughts that it will provide your hubby many pain free days! Where the spouse gets to wait is always interesting these days - I know - so being prepared is a good idea. Our school district just announced they are starting the year with everyone online at least through mid-October. Probably the best choice healthwise, but hard on some families. Aidan's robotics class sounds like it could work, though. Dinner sounds yummy!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I just got the one drug I take approved this week as it is not on any Part D drug formulary. It seems silly that you need to get approval for something your doctor prescribed when all they do is ask your doctor to tell them you need it. Oh well, such is life!