Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Wednesday check in....

 The kids are back in school! If you heard a big cheer this morning, it might have been me dropping them off to school! They both indicated that just a few of their teachers wore masks, the principal did (as they said he always has his on! Smart man!). Not many kids did- about what it was in December. As the Florida government passed a law in November not allowing masks mandates, vaccine mandates, and allowing parents to opt out of quarantining and isolation.... it should be an interesting month.

I opted out of a GS leader meeting tonight as I know the only ones wearing a mask would be me and Jenny, another leader who lost a parent to a few girls in her troop in October to COVID. I am planning to meet with my troop for our normal Monday night meetings,  but we meet at a church where masking is required and the girls and parents respect that. There are only 6 now so I can spread them out well too.

Lets see - meals for the week since I know I struggle with coming up with things I figured others do as well! Monday it was cool (60 degrees and lovely weather from the 85 on Sunday!). I decided it was a great night for meatloaf and baked potato with green beans. I use the Betty Crocker cookbook for my meatloaf - and use about 3-4 pieces of white bread instead of bread crumbs because that is what my Mom did!. We add mozzarella to half the loaf in the middle (emily does not like the cheese in there and she helped make it) and ketchup on top. Tuesday - I had ground pork to use since I forgot to separate it before I froze it and there was 24 ounces in the package. I had half a cabbage in the fridge and some carrot and scallion so I made Egg Roll in a Bowl on Tuesday night. Ms. Emily made some rice in the quick cooker (Pampered chef version of insta pot) and added some soy sauce and an egg to make her version of Japanese Steak House rice.  Wednesday.... it was lemon chicken with thyme over rice with green peas. I believe if I remember to get mushrooms tomorrow we will do beef stroganoff on Thursday with a green salad and egg noodles. Friday - Papa Johns Pizza (supporting the local economy!). I have been doing salads for lunch with cucumber, roma tomato, olives, hard boiled egg and a home made vinegrette. Breakfast has been oatmeal with craisins and a little brown sugar. 

As for sewing.... I have been stitching away at hexagons and have all the black ones into sets of 4. I'll prep the needed extra hexagons to finish up the color sets tomorrow and then will begin putting the sets of 4 into sets of 8. 

I have tomorrow off so I will plan to do a little prep work on the memory quilt and sew the last 2 blocks needed for the RSC21 Squares quilt. I was able to find and cut out the parts needed for the four patches and all the other squares for a maroon and a red block.  I also pulled out the little basket of red scraps and cut out 20 'wings' for a red butterfly block. I should be able to  machine stitch that tomorrow so I can hand baste it in the car line tomorrow.

I may take the 2 crumb blocks in red and stitch them together to make a table placemat size rectangle. I am picturing a nice white snowman on one side of the placemat. He might need a jaunty top hat... we will see what happens.


Julierose said...

What a great menu--nice that you have prep help, too.
Love those little red butterfly wings you have made...
Hexies are coming together so well.
Hugs, Julierose

Ray and Jeanne said...

I haven't had breakfast yet and your menu made me hungry! Sounds like Covid things there haven't changed much. Hope you all stay safe. ~Jeanne

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we had the meatloaf/baked potatoes/green beans last night! it always works out well to have the oven on cold days. Not sure what will be happening the rest of the week - cold today so another oven meal would be good.
As much as the virus is spreading here in Arkansas this past week schools are announcing from one day to the next that masks are required again and/or going virtual. The hospitals are getting crowded too.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Back to school week is always a good week! Your menus sound yummy, too. So nice you're getting your kids to help in the kitchen. A snowman on a red crumb placemat sounds like a fun design!

Deborah said...

I hope school goes well. Our students go back on Monday and they have to wear medical grade or kn95 masks as do all staff. All staff and students will also have rapid test kits to use. The division has a vaccine mandate for all staff although they do have the option to do rapid tests every 72 hours. Crazy times!

Your meals sound delicious. We also have oatmeal with craisins each morning and I also add cinnamon. So tasty and easy in the mornings.