Saturday, January 1, 2022

Welcome 2022 and the RSC Challenge.

 Before I start planning for my projects for 2022 with the RSC, lets take a look back and see how 2021 went. 

I did complete a few quilts from previous years.

Churn dashes from 2014

Stashbuster 2020

16 patches

stars and nines

For the blocks I was working on in 2021 I seemed to have missed a month or 4 here and there on some of them. They will be filled in this year as the color comes up I hope! 

Garden Path blocks. I see I need purple, orange, dark blue and maybe bright green? Maybe a black or a brown? We will see what happens.

RSC 2021 blocks since I never came up with a name for them! These need a red and maroon to finish it off. Good thing January appears to be red! 

Hand pieced Hexagon quilt as you go - I have a few more to stitch - 8 prepped and I need to prep 4 more to have 365 hexagons in the piles. Most have been stitched into sets of 4. I'll spend time this year stitching them together in a scrappy way so the colors are distributed around the quilt. This was a fun one but I will not be doing a block a day this year! That stack is a little over 11 inches high, by the way!

Erin's Butterfly blocks. I pieced some of the butterfly wings in 2021. The plan is to hand stitch them to the background and add the body this year. Probably quilt it in 2023. I think I want 9 of them so I'll add 2 more butterfly's. Thinking red and not sure of the other color. Any ideas? blacks maybe?

Full Stop. I have made some changes I think but did not get a new photo.

Flowering snowball - I was cutting out parts each month for a while to create a scrappy kit. I see I need to cut a little bit more and then see what I need to add for this to be a kit ready to stitch. Looks like orange and purple and probably a bunch more of the lights!

Now... 2022! I am trying to keep it simpler as I have oh so many in progress. 

I like the flexibility of having 16 patch blocks on hand so I plan to make a couple each month using 2.5 inch squares. 

I have been eyeing a Jacks Chain quilt for a few years now. I 'think' I will start that this year with the RSC Challenge making some small nine patch blocks using a white on white background and a color. This will be a multi year project.

I will continue and make a Table Scrap Challenge piece each month as well.

My hope is to play with a different Accuquilt Die each month. I seem to have a good handful or two now and I do like single color quilts as well. We will see how this one works out! I'm thinking the apple core for this month?

That is the tentative plans as of today. As always.... life happens and things tend to change! We will see how it goes each week this year and hopefully a few of these are moved along in 2022.

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge where our fearless hostess guides us each year to play with our scraps. Thank you so much for all your hard work keeping this going each year. It has been a joy to learn to play with all the colors in the rainbow and not just the ones I really, really like! 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Love seeing your finished rainbow quilts, Deb - so pretty! I really love those Garden Path blocks, too. Glad you still have them on the list! I'll enjoy seeing what you work on in the coming year!


I looked at the Jacks quilt--really pretty--but it does look like a bit of a challenge!!! You have alot of nice projects planned to finish and to work on during this next year--so you should have time to get bored!!!!
I have wanted to make a red and white basket quilt for a very long time and have even collected some reds last year to do one--sooo?? Have also wanted to do a house quilt--and I have never made a long cabin quilt--sooooooo???????
Happy New Year's friend--
hugs, di

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your stashbutsters quilt - I keep telling myself to make Jacks Chain but never do - I might make a hexie quilt by following a photo that I saw on pinterest - the link goes no where so would need to blow up the photo

scraphappy said...

The start of a new year is such a great opportunity to take stock. I like a dark green or dark blue for the extra butterfly. Jack's Chain is a fun pattern, I could see this as a nice collection of nine patches for now. It does look like some of those 2021 collections are getting close. Life does get in the way though, doesn't it?

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice job on your RSC finishes for 2021 and I love your new hexie header photo, Deb!! Best of luck with your goals and projects for 2022. Thanks for the shout out about the 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, too!

Sandy Panagos said...

What beautiful, wonderful quilts! Well done.