Monday, January 3, 2022

Winter 2022 UFO Challenge.

The fall challenge only had one finish. Lets hope the Winter quarter is a little more productive. 

Block Collections.

1.) I know I have at least one more cut and in a baggie somewhere to fill that open spot for a 7x6 setting. These are hand pieced.... and might need a little fixing along the way.

 2.) Hexagon flowers on a black background. These are a stack of blocks I hand pieced a few years ago then hand appliqued to the black background a couple years after that!  Not sure if they will become one or two quilts....

3.) Crumb blocks.... might these end up in a quilt? Or the start of some baskets?

4.) Sweet Confetti blocks - I have 96 of these made.... need to be put together and quilted.

***5.) Midget Applique quilt from Sentimental Stitches. I need to add  more flowers and leaves and the vines... and the bottom yellow border. This one is completely hand pieced.

6.) Ella Maria Deacon blocks - make a few more and finish them off into a top. I believe I was making these by hand. Patterns from Sentimental Stitches.

**7.) Purple applique hearts... need to figure out how they want to be set.

**8.)  this quilt that has been an on and off, leader and ender for years. My scrappy irish chain. I believe I had a bucket of 2 inch squares next to my sewing machine for a while and would make sets, and rows and blocks in between sewing other things. I think it wants to get competed.

9.) Midget block collection - I started these in Vermont in 2010! I have a light blue for sashing.

10.) Civil War Blocks

****11.) Endless Diamond Blocks - Currently in the hoop being hand quilted!

12.) Birds in the Air block collection

13.) Harmony - hand pieced project started March 2021- one 28 inch block completed - 3 to go.

14.) Lets go fly a kite- because it might have percolated long enough in my head already. - 2 completed into a placemat august 2021.

15.) Cat and mouse is on the frame in process of hand quilting but has been sadly neglected.

16) This one stayed on the list - needs quilting. Vermont Quilt Festival Booth Hop from either 2008 or 2009. I have backing for this and it is 71x71.

17.) Green Tumblers - a hand pieced top. 

18.) Hoarfrost - top is done will it get quilted this year? **Snowflake gray backing

19.) Baby Bear Paw quilt top ** Made back from a class in 1999 I think from Yankee Pride. ** Polka dot backing

20.) Trip around the World

21.) Y2K Joann's BOM - quilt top

22.) Tumbler flag - this did not come out how I imagined.... It might get reinvented after taking parts out. We will see. **Suggestion to make it wider. 

23.) 1857 Quilt Along Top

24.) Spring Hexagons - not sure if this wants to be bigger or not.... 

25.) FCQG baby quilt challenge. 40x48 have a backing for this. ***Polka dot backing

26.) Triple Irish Chain - green. 80x80 I think. I did find both fabrics extra with it... Might need a green or cream border first or both... Made in the early 2000's.

Found some more to add to the mix! My current RSC2021 blocks.

****27.) Hexagon QAYG- 362 have been stitched. About 12 more to add I think. Progress is being made. The groups of 4 will be working on becoming groups of 8! All by hand.

28.) Garden Path blocks - a few more got added last quarter. missing purple, orange and light green and maybe dark blue.

****29.) RSC 2021 blocks - 2 more blocks in red and maroon to go!

30.) Full Stop Sew along.... 2021 . Re thinking this one - might eliminate some of the white space.

31 - Memory quilt for Olivia. I think I will do a jeans quilt using 6.5 inch squares. Some will be pieced. One stack is about 50 and the other are parts to be pieced. 

I'd like to get the midget applique borders finished this quarter, finish hand quilting on Endless Diamonds and put together the Hexagon QAYG. Hoping to finish piecing the RSC2021 quilt blocks in red and then maybe get that one quilted on the machine? Time will tell but as the mood strikes I tend to go with what I 'feel like' working on at any given time.

Hopefully I get to check off a few as finished this quarter! 



Chris said...

Not a problem. You could easily complete 3 of those per week:)

The Joyful Quilter said...

With all the projects on the list, you certainly have options, Deb!! Best of luck choosing projects to complete. You may want to remember the theory of the "low hanging fruit"!! :o))

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

OMG - I am glad I do not have that many quilts to work on - I usually keep it at 6 or under!


Really --lots of really pretty quilts there to play with--I would be hard pressed to pick one out to finish--so--I would probably say to myself--it's a new year--so lets start a whole new project--and I will think about finishing one of these 'tomorrow'!!!!!!!
I will be watching to see which one you start with--
hugs, di
ps--it got chilly here--like 20 degrees chillier than yesterday!!!

scraphappy said...

So many beautiful block collections! I have several of the same sets. The rainbow quilt which needs red and marron should be an easy first step. Good luck narrowing down the list after that.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun to see all your pretty projects in progress! #8, the scrappy Irish Chain caught my eye today. Love that fun color!

Julierose said...

You have some wonderful quilts on-the-go there. I would seem to be a hard choice as to which one to start first!! They are all so pretty..Have fun hugs, Julierose

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You have so many beautiful projects to keep you busy. Looking forward to seeing your progress and finishes this year. Happy quilting.

Moneik said...

You've got quite the list! I love the scrappy Irish chain. I think I need to get my leader/ender out.