Thursday, October 24, 2013

A completed top!

It seems I will do anything to avoid something I don't like to do. That would be pinning a huge quilt for quilting. Easy Street from Bonnie Hunters mystery last fall really needs to get completed before I start the next one Celtic Solstice..... but instead I cut and added the borders onto this bright little quilt. I found a yard of a cute dragonfly print in the closet that just works great with this bright and cheerful quilt.

It has been kid approved.


  1. Love that border!

    I had really hoped to take part in this year's mystery. But even machine sewing aggravates my finger. :-( Praying that my finger will heal in the next 4 weeks!!

  2. Oh Deb, it turned out so cute. The border fabric is the perfect addition!

  3. Love this colorful, fun quilt! Good going, Deb!

  4. Isn't it great how something simple can have such a visual impact? I love this little quilt. And I don't call it avoidance- I look at it as "clearing the decks" for the big job :)

  5. The kids look so cute on it! I have lots of things I do to avoid doing what I should be doing. That pesky wolf came off the frame and I have quilted 3 more quilts since I started it, just because I am not sure how to quilt it. There may also be 2 more quilt tops cut out and ready to be pieced this weekend. Who knows if I might get them quilted too. Avoidance is my middle name.

  6. LOL!!! I totally understand!!! But it's a cute quilt, and it had to get finished too, right?

    Have you seen the challenge by Jo at Jo's Country Junction to finish a Bonnie quilt by Thanksgiving? That might be your incentive to finish up Easy Street :*) You can find it here -


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