Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A new project.....

When I was working on the borders for the black checkerboard quilt I had cut out lots of 2.5x5.5 inch rectangles of bright colors. Since they did not work as a border for that quilt, I was left with lots of scraps of bright colors. I decided it was time to make a coin quilt with them and got them all sewed up this week. I didn't have enough of any of my black prints to put in between them, so I went with a creamy white from the closet. This is currently 45x49 for a little quilt. I think it will need a simple 5 inch border to make it a wee bit bigger (55x59). I have some yards of kids prints that should work with it.

It has finally cooled off a bit (70 degrees) and the kids actually went outside to play after dinner for an hour without any whining or complaining. They entertained themselves on their play set and I got a little time to finish sewing these strips together. I really could get used to this! Now they are eating some pumpkin moose (I had the cream as antlers!) and then we'll finish their last hippy science experiment and call it pajama time.


  1. Love the coin quilt - very bright and cheery! I love using up scraps - feels like a free quilt! ~Jeanne

  2. Oh I like that!!! Very bright and cheery.

  3. How wonderful to have the beginnings of a quilt ... turned into a very charming quilt. Can't wait to see it with the borders ... I think it will be gorgeous!

  4. Oh how I love this one! It looks so bright and cheery. I think a kids print on it will be great.

  5. Terrific way to use up those scraps... it is going to be great when finished!

    We had a bit of a snow shower this morning but it is still not cold enough for it to stick.

  6. OK, I'm reading backwards. I read the post about adding the borders to this quilt before getting to this. I didn't realize that finished top was of such recent origin. You are one efficient and prolific quilter!


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