Saturday, May 5, 2018

RSC in Pink and A Heart a Day in the Month of May

I have a challenge going on to make a heart a day in the month of may.... we are 5 days in and have about 5 or 6 people joining in. We'd love to have more people join in..... it's not too late!
I am doing hand appliqué of my hearts... but you could choose any method you like!
I am planning to set mine with scrappy nine patches and it will probably become a 7x9 layout of 6 inch blocks that will be gifted to my future great niece due in July. I might even attempt to hand quilt it... so it might be brought to Vermont in June with me Mom. Don't be surprised if an OTT light is delivered to your door sometime this month for good lighting at camp =)

This is a shot from yesterday of my layout.

I added a pink heart today... just for the RSC Challenge.

I also got my churn dash straight line quilted last night as the house was overtaken by 3 kiddos! I seem to have made churn dashes one year with the RSC Challenge and half made it into this quilt top that has been waiting for years.... Yes, there is still a pile of them in the drawer waiting to be put together as well!  I'll make the blue binding and attach it today. This will be donated to a Charity for Hands2Help and shipped off later this week. It ended up at 50x60 I believe.

Emily had her friend Teagan from girl scouts over (one of my co-leaders daughter). The game of pictionary ended at 9:30 and then it was bedtime..... I still heard giggling a little before 11 before I told them it was time to sleep.  They were camping 'in'...... the 2 person tent is set up in the living room and they slept in that! I hear Peanut liked the tent... and was climbing it last night.....then joined them and proceeded to play with the zipper on the tent. Silly boy.

Today I hear we are making chocolate chip cookies this morning. Who knows what else they will come up with. I need to pop to the Skating rink across town to book a girl scout party for next month and then I have a painting with a twist event tonight with my friend Jill. It should be fun on this Cinco De Mayo.

Emily had her third riding lesson yesterday.. this was after her lesson with Belle. She had just given her an apple as a treat. I think her 30 minute lesson was more like 45 minutes on the horse yesterday.. then the brushing and putting on the saddle and taking it off after. We were there for nearly 2 hours! Did I mention the kid loves horses?

I'm linking up with the RSC Challenge today.

Here is the link up for those making hearts this month! Let's show them off ladies =)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

she is going to miss the horse when the lessons are done or are you going to be able to continue them?

Deb A said...

We will see. I know she has another $70 in birthday money she could get another 5 lessons with.... I need to run that one by Greg first then her and see if she wants another 5 lessons. I believe the groupon can be used again for the same price.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

She's not going to want to give up riding, I agree :) Your heart and nine patch layout looks great. I'm tempted but too much other applique going on to add to the list :)

Ivani said...

Love the hearts appliqué and the scrap nine patches together. if I did not have so many things going on I'd start a quilt like yours. And what a lovely charity quilt, well done Deb!!

proth said...

I have been making some EPP flowers and appliqueing them to white squares. I have been looking for a special setting for them. I just found it. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures of your hearts and 9 patches. I made a few 9 patches and laid them out with my flowers. I absolutely love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

So sweet with the Horse!

Deb A said...

You are very welcome!

gayle said...

Love that nine-patch setting for your hearts!
I know just how Emily feels - I was horse-mad, too, at her age. (Lucky for me, we lived on a farm and our folks bought us a mare. She was a feisty ill-tempered beast, but we loved her to bits.)

Needled Mom said...

Your hearts are looking so nice. I'll post mine this week.

I love that sweet photo with the horse. She is in love.