Friday, September 25, 2020


 I got my Thursday off yesterday from work. I have no clue where the time went though!

I did pop to Joanns - and got 18 yards of white muslin and 2.5 yards of an animal print for girls scouts to make some non-sewing masks for their bronze. 4.99 with a 50% off helped keep it reasonable as I needed 2.5 yards per girl to make 10 masks (they are doing the bandana folding one!). I also hit Dollar Tree to get the stretchy hair bands for those.... and completely forgot the ziplock baggies. I just need to wash, cut and bag them up with cut card stock for the girls to write their care instructions on and folding instructions if they don't sew them instead. They have the option but not all have sewing machines. I need to distribute to the girls this weekend.... While there I also picked up some galaxy print backing width fabric that should work for the stars and nines and the cobblestone quilts which need quilting still. Some should be leftover to cover the 2 hand pieced quilts waiting for hand quilting as well.... and maybe a mask or two for the boy once they go back to school the next quarter/semester.

Back home, I got to sew a little while the kids were in school still. I finished up the 16 patch block in red and the second stashbuster block. I also cut for the 10 sweet confetti blocks but those are in process with step 1. Some endless diamonds white parts were cut as well. I have not been doing any hand work at night this week! I hope to finish the sweet confetti blocks off this afternoon and lay those out for a photo. I really need to make a design wall this weekend instead of using the floor! We will see if I get time or if I am hooked into coop building. Greg is working Saturday morning so he might be up to working on it in the afternoon.... but based on his week of pain I am guessing not.

Stashbuster blocks

16 patch blocks

This was from a couple of days ago when Em was cleaning the inside cage. I let the older ladies out of the coop and they were trying to figure out what these creatures are! 5 little in there... who are not so little anymore except Daisy Chickolotta the baby we got a couple of weeks ago in case Myrtle did not make it. Happy to report the antibiotics worked and she is breathing better now and growing. 

I have been doing a bunch of outside work this week. The lawn got mowed. I've been working on weed wacking (after months of not getting done it is taking a while!). I do need to get into the overgrown garden and start prepping that for fall planting. I dug up the sweet potato's.... did not get much out of my trial run over the summer. They are curing.... and should be ready to eat in a week. 

Emily was trimming trees last night while I was pulling up more grass vines that tangle into the shrubbery beds by the cars and by the pool. After finishing picking up the brush and getting it out back to the brush pile, I headed in the house for some water and sat down.... and hubby kindly said it looks like I needed a shower or bath! Yup - 7:30 at night and it was still hot outside... nothing like the 100+ temps but was still a workout and sweaty. I opted for a bubble bath with a book....and when the child said - don't be in there until 9 again... I reminded her that Dad is capable of helping her study her spelling words for her test today! Mom checked out for the night.

On tap today - working and then I do want to finish up the Sweet Confetti blocks. Dinner is in the crock pot - french dips. I also need to run out to the grocery store and get milk (seems Emily is out!) and rolls and provolone cheese for dinner tonight along with some fresh veggies. I think we'll tackle the other side of the fence by the road tonight - the whole side needs weed wacking and pulling of weeds against the fence and the tree on that side needs trimming so we can get under it with the mower without getting attacked by branches. The end portion of the fence area is all overgrown and Aidan was not getting it with the mower so I need to cut that all back so it can get mowed next week as well. I really miss Greg doing all that work! When that is done... it will be time to trim all the bushes - which will take quite a few hours as well. Never ending. At least it is a little cooler now and in the 80's instead of the 90's. The boy will be tapped to help whether he likes it or not today. He is my shrub trimmer! The model home we bought has lots of shrubbery. I figure I'll let him burn off the fire pit tonight as a reward. 

Sorry for the rambling... it has been a long week (including 2 hours in the dentist chair Wednesday afternoon for the partial crown finally... and the permanent one in 2 weeks). 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you have been plenty busy- yes when you need to take on the yard work it is hard isn't it to fit it in with everything else that you do - hope the girl scout troop likes making masks


I love the photo of the big chicks checking out the little ones in the fence!!! sorry to hear that you are having to do so much of the yard care now--that's why I rent!!!!!!!:-)
Not really--would love my own house--just a tiny one with some yard--see--even at my age I can still 'dream'!!
All your blocks are coming along nicely--
luv, di

Julierose said...

You have certainly put in more than a week's worth of work outside--nice job on that stuff!
Stashbuster blocks are so pretty--I don't recall them? (but then my memory is not what it used to be for sure!!)
I am resting today after my (too) long stint getting my long rows sewn...It got warmer here again but no humidity so it is nice...
Hope your weekend allows for some sewing...
hugs, Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have been busy! Are the girls able to meet in person and work on projects together? I'm not sure what groups like that are doing around here. Glad you got some of your own sewing time in, too. Love the picture of the older chickens checking out the babies! They definitely must be wondering what's going on!

a good yarn said...

That’s was quite a week. Lots achieved across a variety of areas. Your quilt blocks are looking good & the chicks and the chooks are doing nicely.