Tuesday, September 1, 2020


I wonder what September has in store for us? I'm hoping for a 'quiet' month with a little less crazy in the world.

I now have 6 of these Endless Diamond blocks hand pieced and one in process. I e-mailed my terrible drawn pattern off to Joy and Leanna and I'm curious to see what they come up with! I have been taking photo's as I am putting my current one together in case a little tutorial is needed.

 I have been putting the corner sections together first, then the middle then attaching each corner section. I usually start with the white diamond and add the left or right color, then the opposite and stitch the color section together at the bottom. Then add the white side pieces to the colored part to form the 'corner'. I stitch the center colored diamonds together as twosies, then the twosies together. I found pinning really helps (despite my dislike of pins, they do help!), and pin that corner section to the spot where the two diamonds meet on the drawn line on the fabric - my stitching line. Then I add a pin or two up to the tip of the diamond. The white section will extend past, that gets connected on the second corner attachment. Stitch one side, flip the corner part to the other side of the diamond and pin again. I go through all the seams so there is not a gap at that middle junction. 

I'll add the photo's to this post as I finish up the corners and attach them tonight.

Emily attended her virtual FFA meeting last night. It appears we got a cross breed for our chickens and those are not showable......Can you see where I am going with this? We might have to get 4 more.... of a breed that the APA recognizes for her to show in February. They need to be 5 months old at showing time.... 

I called Tractor Supply this morning to see what they had in stock. They have quite a mix.... and we need a hen not a rooster to meet code restrictions. So..... we will see what their Barred Rock (Plymouth Rock) chicks look like later today after school. Emily and I both like the looks of this one but we will see what is in stock. We know what to check now - we have the rules for the show and the information links on the website. Quite the farm we are creating..... we will see what Greg says when he gets home from work. I mentioned it briefly last night when he got home a little after 9:30 and he just mentioned - we can build another coop and when they are the same size connect them! I swear he is an enabler =) 

I walked out with the kids to put the chickens to bed last night and this was my view walking back to the house. Aidan pointed out the rainbow .

This was looking to the right over the fence to the busy road. Gorgeous color.

These are the ladies about 30 minutes before when I went to check on them. Spoiled girls might have been eating a handful of their chicken feed out of my hand.

Edited..... new additions. 2 Barred rock (Plymouth like the photo black and white above) and 2 Americana's (Easter Eggers) that are just born. The Barred Rocks look a few weeks old as they have tail feathers.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your blocks look prettier and prettier as you show more together! You caught a gorgeous sunset, too! That is too bad that your chickens aren't the right breed for the FFA show - they need a special category for them. Sounds like DH won't mind a few more, though!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Love seeing more of your blocks side by side! Too bad about the chickens. My mom used to have the black and white chickens you pictured! We have been watching Dr Pol for over a week, love seeing all animals and how much we come to love them.

Preeti said...

These blocks are unlike anything else I have seen before. They are very striking and beautiful and so labor-intensive.

a good yarn said...

Keep them well fed with oyster (shell) grit so the egg shells are nice and hard. Lots of fresh greens and scratching for good coloured yolks.