Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday... Well, I think I survived the weekend.

I was sick Sunday...slept all day yesterday once I got home though. I am hoping it was exhaustion/dehydration from Saturdays 90 degree temps. I did drink lots of water and Propel waters all day (80oz at least). So far so good this morning. My Fitbit said I got 20,791 steps on Saturday.... I was around 17K after the campfire and smores and we got back to our cabin, but we had an unexpected 10:30 PM hike across camp to retrieve a little sister that was having issues with being away from family for the first time so we went and retrieved her. Grandma and her 2 older sisters were in our cabin for the weekend. My whole troop and one girl from another did the late night (boy was it dark!) trek through the woods to gather her and bring her to our area for the night.

All 4 of the quilts were picked by the girls yesterday. I had taken one for my bed and an extra... which my co-leader claimed! She got the Grandmothers Choice Sew along from 2012 that I finished in 2017. I just shot her an e-mail of the info behind the quit in case she was interested. He daughter claimed the Spring Blossoms quilt. 

I guess word got out that I gifted the girls the quilts as I was asked Sunday morning by a couple of adults if they could see the quilts that I gifted the girls. I pulled up the blog and showed the 4 quilts and which girl selected which quilt. 

I had taken my knitting - the standard dish cloth with no thinking. (Cast on 4, knit 2, YO, knit to end...until around 50 stitched on the needles then start the decrease - knit 1, K2T, YO,K2T, knit to end until down to 4 stitched on needles. Cast off) Emily grabbed it Friday night and asked how to do it - so I showed her the knit and YO since I was around 37 on the needles at that point. She did great..... just a little tight for tension. She got to the decrease and after showing her once and her asking me to check the next couple of rows she has got it! Another adult asked on Saturday night when she had learned how - and I said last night! It was the first time she expressed an interest.... =)



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

10:30 at night doesn't sound like fun, guess car wasn't available or a road to get to her? sounds like you parted with some quilts easily - it is always hard for me to do that


I hope you earned a 'badge' for all that you did for these girls this past week-end!! And that is alot of steps for one day--that may have been why you were ill on Sunday!!
and I do believe it was so sweet to go and collect a little one who missed her family--for that you really did earned a gold 'star' or maybe 2 seeing it was so dark!!
hugs, di
Ps I am not a scout leader --but bless you for being one and taking these gals on a camping trip--

The Joyful Quilter said...

Excited for you about Em's interest in working on the dish cloth!! Hope you are feeling better from Sunday's illness. How generous you were to give all those quilts away, Deb!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

There needs to be an award for "Leader with the most steps in one day!" I think you wore yourself out! I hope you're feeling back to normal today. It sounds like your quilts were a hit. The one you're showing is gorgeous!

Angie said...

Oh gosh - I hope your Grandmother's Choice quilt is loved and appreciated by the new owner! I have thought of gifting mine, but I haven't found the right person yet - someone who will appreciate all the old-fashioned fabrics!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

A girl scout weekend is never without its special moments. Younger daughter left behind her favourite teddy bear named Max at Brownie camp and we wound up driving up and doing a huge search for it in the woods only to find out later he had fallen out on our own driveway. I loved my Girl Guide(as we call it in Canada) annual weekends at camps. Meanwhile, lucky girls to get those lovely quilts and especially how wonderful Emily took such an interest and has inherited the stitchy gene too!!