Monday, August 8, 2022

Cross Stitch Autumn Stamp Sew Along.

The first clue was released today with the outline. It has been so long since I have done counted cross stitch it should be an interesting beginning. I went to the store yesterday and picked up all but one of the floss needed and the Aida cloth. They were out of the eggplant color. I'll have to check my other baggie and see if I might have it.  I hope I grabbed the right needles. I had the hoop and scissors and printed off the pattern this morning. I plan to give it a start later this evening. Greg is dropping Aidan to the orientation this afternoon and then we will head over for 4 when the parents are asked to go.

After running errands yesterday, Greg, Bear and I headed to Grandma's house mid afternoon. We wanted Bear to meet Scruffy - Grandma's dog. 

We had them meet through the fence first as we were not sure how either would react. Both did submissive behavior and did really well! Now we know if we need to babysit Scruffy, the dogs should be fine together! 

With school starting soon and me picking the kids up at 3:25 and 3:45... and with the known beginning of school pick up chaos usually taking 30-45 minutes to get them and then 20- 60 minutes to get home with traffic I need to think of meals and prepping ahead again. This is the part I dislike!
I opened the big freezer and pushed and pulled things and tried to figure out meals for the nex
t couple of days. I pulled some ham from Easter and that is tonight's plan with some mashed potato and frozen peas. (We have orientation until 5:30 so won't be home until 6 -6:15? I may be talked into takeout on the way home, but we will see!)  Tomorrow, I pulled out some pork chops that will thaw overnight and then we can pound them for snitzel tomorrow night with some roasted cauliflower and a salad. Greg will take Aidan after lunch to check out the computer from school.  I also pulled a whole chicken out to thaw (the deep freeze is at zero) and will plan to do that as a dry roast in the crock pot with root veggies on Wednesday. Who know's when we will get home from school! It will be nice to have dinner ready and waiting for us. 




Cross stitching--is sure making a big come back--after about 10 years or so--your project looks like it will be fun and that is alot of colors!!
I did alot of cross stitching then I remember taking about a year or so off and then when I moved to Florida 7 years ago--for some reason I got back into doing it--and now I do some nearly every single day--I have to do mine right after breakfast--so I stitch for 30 minutes to an hour--!!
Have fun in the school lines and stitch--
hugs, di

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a long time sitting around waiting for kids and then the drive home too - crazy - I used to complain occasionally of waiting in the parking lot for 15 minutes for the kids and had a 5 minute drive home :)

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I bet the cross-stitch mystery will be fun! Melisa has such sweet designs. Glad the dogs got along - that will make things much easier for you. Good luck with the meal planning, too! I'd say the crockpot will be a very helpful tool during the school year!

Julierose said...

That cross stitchery sounds like fun--I have never (really, tho' I've tried!!) done counted cross stitch. The counting really didn't make sense--nor the directions to follow pattern...Ye olde brain doesn't want to go that way!!
I have enough with my 2 prompts of 2 each month on the Journal I think.

Boyoboy your busy time has started once again--lots of pick ups and drop offs...
Re-entry I find is always difficult...hope it all goes well and everyone is happy with their places...
Hugs and good luck Julirose

Ellen said...

I haven't done counted cross stitch in many years. I love the autumn colours of your project especially right now while we are in such a heat wave. I am looking forward to cooler temps!

Moneik said...

I love seeing your cross-stitch project. I need to get back to work on mine now.