Sunday, August 14, 2022

Slow Sunday stitching.

 I started a little hand work Friday night after a busy week. A couple of granny squares got added to the pile this week.

Saturday Emily was riding Marshmellow but he needed some care before riding. She was picking out his hooves in this photo.

This morning - I finally started the Autumn stamp stitch along over at Pinker n Punkin Quilting. It has been a long time since I have done counted cross stitch! I am working on the apples today that were released on Friday.

I have yet to start the hand quilting again on the Cat and Mouse quilt on the frame, but I did get the frame set back up and it is ready for stitching after a couple of years of sitting patiently waiting. I just need to pull a chair into the bedroom so I am all set to add some stitches each evening this week. Linking up with Kathy and the other Slow Stitchers.

First - time to trim the shrubs that are completely overgrown and get the front of the house looking decent again before it gets way too hot outside. The kids have decided to stay home today instead of going to Grandma's so I plan to put them to work trimming and helping to pull the branches to the backyard fire pit. I had Aidan torch the brush pile yesterday, so we have a clear area to pile the new trimmings. The first 3 days of school are over and went well for the kids. I hope the pick up line gets a little smoother this week.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hope you enjoy the cross-stitch SAL - her little designs look really cute so far! Glad your kids had a good week - hope that continues all year. Have fun with the trimming! 😎 Maybe you're done by now...

Julierose said...

Love that Cat and Mouse quilt--it'll be nice to sit and quilt in the evenings for you. I am still slow stitching on Pears Ojos--going one stab stitch at a time; i am finding it hard to keep them even this time around. ;000
Hugs, Julierose

Karrin Hurd said...

Great projects. The cross-stitch SAL looks great so far. I have trimming to do to, but it will be hot today, and plus there is bad air quality, so I will probably stain inside. Happy stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

she has cute cross stitch designs. enjoy that trimming - too hot here already I'm glad I got the yard treated for ticks between yesterday and today - got done before the heat of the day I like the granny squares


Well you talked me right into it!!! I started the Autumn cross stitch yesterday--managed to get 4 of the boxes done--but realized I would not have enough of the thread color I picked--Dark Chocolate--to do it all --so had to stop and do an order at 123Stitch to get more of it--(and yes a couple other colors of thread and some more 28 count linen jumped right in that basket!!) Today I started on the apple basket-!!!
That mouse quilt will get done--I just know it--a chair will just fly in that room one day--and off you will to!!!
and guess what we finally got some rain yesterday afternoon--not a lot--but some!!
hugs, di

Sherrie said...

I like your blue Granny Squares...I'm working on
one myself. Your Cat and Mouse quilt looks
great. I've got one in my hoop to finsh
tying. Have a great day!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Marshmallow is so pretty. I hope Emily had a nice ride. I love your Cat and Mouse quilt that will be a fun one to quilt on. And I am so thrilled that you are stitching along with me in the Autumn Stamp SAL . Thank you so much. Have a great week and Happy quilting and stitching.

Jenny said...

Cat and mouse quilt looks lovely, it will be a nice project to work on, I'm sure.

Ivani said...

Enjoy each new cross stitch. It will be nice seeing your hand quilting progress on Cat and Mouse quilt.
Have a gret week, Deb.

CathieJ said...

I may have to print those Autumn cross-stitch stamps for future use. I really do love them. I like the color of the yarn that you are using for the granny squares. I hope the trimming went well and that school pickup is getting better this week. I remember that problem. Thankfully my children walked to elementary and middle school and we didn't have to get involved with the traffic. In High School they took the bus. I only had to pick them up when they stayed after school.