Friday, September 9, 2022

A little sewing this week.

I decided to stitch together the crumb blocks and some crumb strips into this 40x60 quilt top. It is very 'busy' but happy to be a top rather than parts and pieces! (#3 on the Summer UFO challenge.)

Peanut was supervising as I was prepping Sweet Confetti for pinning.

The backing and the top all pressed and laid out.  I have them rolled up on the boards but the rainy dreary day Thursday had me switch to some hand work and tv rather than getting this pinned. Maybe tonight it will get pinned? This is #4 on the Summer UFO Challenge. I hope to finish both before the end of the month.

Instead, I was working on hand piecing the Harmony block. I got the top section stitched, the white rectangle marked and the four patches are all pieced together. Now to stitch the rectangle on the side and then the top for each of the 4 parts. Harmony is #13 on the UFO Challenge list but will not get finished this quarter.... maybe next one though. We will see. I do hope to get this second block pieced this month. 

The dogs stuffed animals got stitched as well - the big cat with a squeaker inside got stitched on the machine and the moose and squirrel had to get hand stitched. They would not fit under the machine. 
Emily and I took Bear to PetCo last night. He loved the car ride and going into the store to pick out some treats and a new toy. He got a bright green monster pull animal - with a pull rope on each end and it squeaks and has that paper sound when he chomps it. It is a Kong toy, so hopefully it will last!

Hubby got his booster for Shingles yesterday and he is feeling it today. He has been sleeping most of the day and is really off. The dog is keeping him company while I am working. I did take the dog out for his water play a couple of times today before the rains started. He is part lab and loves chasing the hose stream of water. It gets out some of his energy =)

***Saturday update. Hubby is much better today. Emily has gone to horses and ridden. Storms should roll in mid afternoon so I'll be pinning and hopefully quilting later today. Linking up with the RSC as 2 of these tops were from RSC collections. 



Julierose said...

that crumb quilt is amazing!! I love it...You are tempting me to get out my scraps and play--
I've heard that you get a strong reaction from the Shingles shot...hope it doesn't last too long for him...
hugs, julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I remember not feeling that great from the Shingles vaccine back when I had it. I plan to get my covid newest booster next week - love the quilts


Well I see Peanut really enjoys his job!!! All the quilt projects are looking good and on their way to finishes--
and I am ready for another hand piecing stitch along--wonder if they will do another one!!
hope hubby is better soon--
we got alittle rain late yesterday--welcomed I might add--
right now it looks really dark out there--but so far no rain!
have an awesome week end-
hugs, di

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your crumb quilt is very "happy to be scrappy!" I love it! You're on a good roll with your quilt tops and finishing things up, too. That sounds like a fun trip for Bear!

Chantal said...

Great work with the crumb blocks. Love the addition of the blue "border" and purple on top. It's patchwork at its best. ;^)

scraphappy said...

The crumbs are so much fun! Always better in a top than in a bin.

maggie fellow said...

I like using crumbs any chance I get - nice projects

Pat said...

great job on moving your UFO's along! I especially love all crumb quilts!

Jenny said...

That's a wonderful supervisor you have working with you. Pleased your hubby is feeling better.