Thursday, September 1, 2022

A bucket list item checked off....

 I have always wanted to ride a horse. I know - Emily has been riding for years now. Today was the day for me to give it a try! I rode Elwood, the gentlest and easiest horse to ride. Mostly I just steered him around but after the first couple of times around the ring I felt more comfortable on him. I am a bit afraid of heights, so there was that added to the mix! My goal is just to get comfortable riding, so I'll continue on next week with another lesson!

I think Emily and I tuckered this one out in the back yard tonight. We went out after it stopped raining and checked for eggs. There were 2 to bring in and one that was laid without the outer shell. We are getting one or two eggs a day now. We did loose Molly, our last red chicken this week to a hawk we think. That leaves us with 5 - 3 of the Plymouth and 2 of the Americana's.  Bear likes to carry his Kong ball in his mouth and run around with it in the back yard as we try and 'chase' him. I think he is out for the night!

I have added a couple more crochet granny squares to the pile this week.

After riding and some errands, I had a little time to head into the sewing room. Alas, nothing really struck me as wanting to get sewn today, so I grabbed the baggie of the Harmony - Hand Pieced Quilt Along project from last year and figured out where I was. Farther along than I remembered! I added some stitches to start assembling the 4 corners. The middle section parts are all cut out and pinned together so the next part is all set once I get the corners stitched together.

The school pick up line is lots better now that the after school program started at the middle school. I can get there at my 'normal' time and be on the middle school property so Aidan can walk to me. That means I have been adding some rows to the knitted dish cloth in the car line each day. Once that is done, I'll pop the EPP project in there.

One more day of work before a 3 day weekend! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that must have been fun to try your hand at the horses. I have tried it a couple times but it was years and years ago - now I'm afraid I would be way to sore to give it a try! I probably wouldn't be able to walk after I got done but drop to the ground LOL
Keep on with the hand piecing you will get it done one day

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh fun, trying out horseback riding! I hope you enjoy it! I'm sorry to hear your chicken flock is getting smaller. Do you think you'll get more? Happy long weekend - hope there's time for all of your favorite things.

Chantal said...

Lucky you! I love horseback riding and I haven't for so many years. Once you get comfortable riding it gets easier real quick as the horse gets comfortable with you too. Win, win. Sorry to hear about the chicken.
Enjoy the long weekend. ;^)

Ray and Jeanne said...

Congratulations - I am so happy that you've tried riding. Beware, you may become hooked! Enjoy the long weekend. ~Jeanne

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Good on you for trying horse back riding! I've always wanted to but am also afraid of heights. Practice will make you more and more comfortable. Horse farms ? are common around here and I love to see the horses out in the fields, in winter, wearing blankets.
Nice to move your various projects along and to realize one is further than you realized. I just found an almost finished cross stitched project that had completely slipped my mind.