Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Progress on Sweet Confetti

 Why do I hesitate to sew those long seams together? Sigh - I have 3 seams to go until the Sweet Confetti becomes a top. Maybe that will happen tonight?

Tuesday was a bit of a weird day. I think I was dehydrated, or my electrolytes were off. Vertigo and a headache. The Advil worked on the headache and a PowerZero and lots of water helped with the spinning head. I did call off work and Greg did the kids drop to school. After that cleared up around noon, I must have been laying wrong in bed, cause my right shoulder is giving me pains (pinched nerve?) whenever I turn my head. Makes driving interesting! The Advil and heat have helped it today and it is a lot better than trying to sleep last night. 

While I was sewing the sweet confetti blocks (and unpicking) and resewing them together correctly, I pulled some crumb blocks and decided to just sew them together in between things. I had 2 sizes of blocks - I think one was 12.5 and the other was 10 or 10.5, maybe 11?. 

The smaller ones. 

The bigger ones. 36x36 I think.

I know I have a long strip of purple and blue.... maybe I'll put it all together and see what happens?
I called off horses tomorrow so maybe both of these will get some progress made and we will see what happens! Both happen to be on my Summer 2022 UFO list =). Might I get 2 more finishes this quarter?
Don't worry, I might have found a box while searching for that last sweet confetti block I was missing, with even more project kits I had forgotten about! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we all suffer from aches and pains and it makes for a crappy day when we do doesn't it. Glad you are feeling a bit better. I think the long seams just take a bit of pinning which takes more time so it seems like it takes forever to get them done


Hey you have had some company this week in not feeling up to par as they say--mine hit me on Monday when I went outside to sit before lunch time--it was like some one turned me inside out--I finally just had to come inside--then felt a bit better but everything I did--I had to do slowly and carefully--Yesterday I just stayed in all day and sewed and cooked myself a nice lunch--today I am back to a bit 'off'-but I just saw that our temps are 95 or so today--ouch--(tomorrow and Fri only 90 so that should help!!) I also think there is something in the air besides the humidity that is causing some of my discomfort--but luckily I still have been able to sew!!! So here is hoping that you are feeling 'normal' again soon--and that hopefully we just have a 3 weeks or so of this hot and dry air--no rain here for a good 2 weeks!!
hugs, di

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I feel the same way about those long seams! Eventually we get them done though. Love the crumb blocks - I've been sewing some blue ones this week, too. I'm so sorry you've not been feeling good - it's been a rough few weeks for you, hasn't it? Take care - sending hugs!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh yes, I can identify with having these aches and pains. Mine are often odd and come and go without a change to properly identify them. But it is always a relief if something over the counter can make them go away. That's the way I think of it for Tony.
Great blocks! I was sorting scraps yesterday, a never ending job it seems. Where do they come from??