Sunday, September 18, 2022

Weekend round up.

I only spent a little time in the sewing room on Saturday. I sewed up these 2.5 inch squares in light blue for my 16 patch blocks. I think I might add flying geese around to make a star and then a 3 background and one colored square matching the block to finish them off this year. 

So that it will look like this quilt below that lives with my MIL and Papa Andy.

I finished the binding on the Sweet Confetti quilt last night. Another quilt completed off the UFO list. I had used the last of the warm and natural batting on the roll I had for this.... so, I ordered a new one that arrived on Friday. That should last me a few years, I think.

For the non quilting related things. Emily had horses on Saturday morning and rode Marshmallow. He does not like other horses, and she was in a ring with about 4-5 other riders so he was a little head strong. She kept him under control well though. I had my second riding lesson on Thursday. So far so good! I did feel the thighs a bit on Friday and Saturday with the little bit of posting I did. Muscles you don't tend to use much, I guess!

Before horses she was loving up with Bear. He seems to think he owns the couch!

The boy has headed to Grandma's for the day. The girl is home, and we will head over to school this afternoon and do the animal feeding. She was selected to show the chapter heifer this year at the youth fair with her FFA chapter. She is excited as she tried for this last year but was not selected. The weekend and holiday feedings of the chapter animals are spread out between the 6 kids showing the cow, pig and lamb. Right now, the lamb is the only one on campus, so she gets to go feed the lamb today.
That gives me a good 4 hours to sew. I see the crumb quilt calling my name for pinning and quilting today. I zig zagged two pieces of leftover batting together yesterday that will work perfect for this quilt.  Might I get another quilt finished from the UFO list this week?
I'll settle in tonight with some hand stitching of some sort after we pick up Aidan from Grandma's house 40 minutes away. (School is a good 20 minutes away so I will have bunches of time in the car again today).
Maybe adding another granny crochet square?

Stitching on my Harmony block?

So nice to have choices. Linking up with the RSC Challenge and Slow Sunday Stitchers.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have been pretty and nice quilts! I was thinking of making a star pattern like that with patchwork in the middle and flying geese units for points. That dog is huge!!

Linda said...

the blue squares are nice and simple, will good good when all joined together.T

Chris said...

congrats on getting that quilt done! You do seem to get a lot done one small block at a time.

Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful quilts!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday! We're all the way out on the west coast on a trip, so I'm just getting around to reading blogs. Sweet Confetti is such a pretty finish - those blocks made a fun design! Good for Emily becoming so proficient with even a difficult horse - that's impressive!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Congrats on finishing your striking Set Confetti quilt! I love the light blues and think the addition of flying geese will be perfect. Enjoy the week. ~Jeanne

Chantal said...

congrats on this beautiful finish. I love it in your header. Bravo on continuing with the riding lessons. The muscles will get used to the beating and the pain will be less next time around. Good luck with your goal of finishing another quilt this week. You can do it! ;^)

Ivani said...

Confetti is beautiful!!
You have already a great granny squares pile.
Have a great week, Deb.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Your quilt looks amazing and great start on your new blocks. Looking forward to seeing this quilt progress. Emily looks like she had a good time. Love the name of the horse- Marshmallow - so sweet.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats on another UFO Club finish for this quarter, Deb!!