Monday, September 12, 2022

Blogger comment issues.... and some crochet.

 Has anyone else noticed that the comment function of auto sending comments on the blog to your e-mail stopped working? I did a little searching online and it appears to be reported but no ETA on a fix. If anyone knows of a fix in Blogger, please pass it along!

I figured I'd show a little progress on the crochet front. I think I can get one more light blue out of the yarn left before I swap to the dark blue. I have 2 skeins of that and another of the medium blue on hand. 

This photo was from August 24th. I have been adding to the light pile.

This is what it looks like this morning! Progress. I really need to work in those tails.

We have a busy week.... well, Emily has a busy week! Tonight, is scouts and Aidan has guitar.

Tuesday she has FFA meeting after school, Wednesday is book club and Aidan is volunteering with his old Robotics teacher after school, Thursday she has early drop for Horse evaluation information and I think Friday is actually normal!

So for planning meals this week with all the crazy:

Monday  - pork schnitzel with scalloped potato and peas

Tuesday - meat loaf with baked potato and green beans

Wednesday is carnita's in the crock pot with rice and fresh salsa I think. I'll have to find another good veggie to add. Maybe a cucumber salad?

Thursday is leftovers - but it might get swapped with Wednesday depending on what is leftover.

My breakfasts will be oatmeal with craisins and maple syrup this week with salads for lunch with lots of veggies and a hard boiled egg. Apple and grapes for snacks.

I joined Noom again as it did help the last time a couple of years ago. I just need to plan ahead and stop all the takeout meals when life gets crazy and I get lazy and can't come up with meals! I really need to add a fish day into the mix... but it is really not my favorite so it is hard to throw it in the rotation. 

Back to work....


Jeanne said...

I had the same problem with comments, no answer. Hope someone else here will have a suggestion.

Julierose said...

Sounds like a good diet plan you've got going...
Your crochet blocks are mounting up nicely...
hugs Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I haven't had that issue with the comments, but I know others have. I wish I knew what was different on my blog than yours! Your granny square piles are growing - do you know how many you want to have all together? It is definitely hard to keep up with meal planning, even when we are retired and kids not at home anymore! Your ideas always sound good to me!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I started having a lot of problems leaving comments on almost all blogs no matter who the host was a month ago and have gradually gotten it back to normal but do not know how. You are good at meal planning - I have a hard time doing menu's and sticking with it so we seem to eat the same stuff all time - I need to get my act together and figure it out

Deb A said...
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