Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue scraps.....

Why is it that when you use scraps of fabric to make quilt blocks the pile never seems to go down? I have been playing with a bin of leftover blue scraps and a bin of creams to make these fun log cabin blocks. I made another 9 of them this week to go with the 8 from last week. I was originally thinking I would make 24 blocks for a 4x6 setting of these 12 inch blocks (48x72) but I may end up making more of them! Can you tell they are fun to make? I guess I'll just keep making them until the end of the month next Friday and see how many I end up with. Head on over to SoScrappy on Saturday morning to see other blue projects that are being worked on this month. Miss Sophie is the fat white cat who seems to be in whatever room I am in all day long.

Since the school year is ending for us next Friday, we decided Aidan's other teacher needed to have a quilt to remember the class by. Aidan insisted she likes green so Ms. Tori got this quilt this morning and I'll bring the pen back Tuesday so the kids can sign their names on it like they did for Ms. Dawn earlier this year. Of course my models had to sit in for the picture. Emmy has asked for Ms. Tori and Ms. Dawn for her Pre-K teachers next year and she is all registered to go. I dropped Aidan's papers for Kindergarten registration off this week too so both kids are all set to start school next year. Yes, that is me doing the happy dance!

Emmy and I headed to the trail head (nature trails near our house in the forest) this morning and we decided to take a bunch of pictures of plants and animals to research later. We saw a cardinal, another bird that I need to look up, a couple of different colored butterfly's, lots of different plants with beautiful green leaves and a pine tree that had fallen down. The top had some green pine cones that she liked. I got a lot of quilting ideas for leaves...... =).

Today the plan is to get the firecracker quilt quilted. It got it pinned yesterday and the binding is all set to be attached. Once that one is done, I get to pin the Kaleidoscope quilt for quilting and maybe I can get that one done on the holiday on Monday. The other fun stuff we have been dealing with this week is a leech field that went kaput on Sunday night while I was doing laundry. Not fun when things back up into your house. G had three different companies out here on Monday - septic to pump, rotor rooters and a contractor to give an estimate for a new leech field. Those babies are expensive. The permits were applied for and the guy from the state came out yesterday to inspect the area. Hopefully we get a go today and then they can start digging up my nice front lawn on Tuesday. I can't wait to be able to do laundry again and flush the toilet more than a couple of times a day. 


  1. Somedays I think the more scraps I use, the more I have! You are so nice to make quilts for the teachers - they'll all be trying to get your kids in their classes!!! Good luck on getting all of the septic issues dealt with - not fun. Happy quilting! ~Jeanne

  2. It's true, using scraps seems to create even more scraps. Before long they will take over the sewing room!
    Your log cabin blocks look great.

  3. Ooooooh. Love your blue and tan blocks! Beautiful teachers quilt!
    Your beautiful kids are growing. How fast time goes by.
    Good grief! Sorry to hear about your drain field problems. That's a big headache.

  4. What a bummer that the septic is backed up -- we are on city sewer here and thankful to have one less maintenance issue -- hope all is back to normal soon. So funny that your blue scraps keep breeding. Mine are in the same shape right about now but I am thankful that so many great blocks keep coming out of the same bin. I don't think blue is a color that most of us will run out of any time soon. Still a week to go though, so you might make a dent by then. Good luck.

  5. Ditto with the never-ending pile of blue scraps - but it IS fun to play with them! Love how rich the blues in the log cabin look!

  6. I know what you mean sometimes those scraps just multiply!!! Lovely quilts and lovely ankle snappers sitting on them!!

  7. Oh my! I'm not familiar with a leech field, but I am sure it is very similar to our sewer system. Very messy and expensive business - so sorry!!! But your blue and cream blocks are quite lovely - yum!!!!

  8. Deb, I think your blue and cream log cabins are beautiful, so inviting, just want to wrap myself up in them. Two cute models on the teacher's quilt.


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