Friday, May 31, 2013


Why is it that whenever you have a deadline something always happens to the machine? I took mine in for service not too long ago - end of April I believe and trust me, it will never go back there again! My mistake - a sewing repair shop but not a Viking dealer. Tomorrow it will get dropped off on the way to drop the kids to Grandma's house and should come back in a better mood next week. I did call and she talked me through getting the tension issue fixed - stuck thread on top so I used a soft dollar to help work it out - but it is not sewing like it should.

I did manage to finish the binding on the Firecracker quilt last night and will add a few hand quilted stars in blue or red to the white spots on the top this weekend. This one will be sent off to Walter Reed Hospital to my step-FIL's grandson who is recovering there for the next 17 months or so.

I guess I'll switch to my grammy's machine on Saturday and finish fixing the tension so I can play with some more of my scrappy blue/white log cabins. I went fishing in the closet to the big bin of scraps and pulled a pile of darker blue and cream to make the rest of these. I am trying to remember the size of the bed out at camp since it 'might' find a home there. Mind measuring the next time you go out Mom?

While there I also pulled the tangle of yellow's out for this month's RSC challenge. I don't have too many of these so after making my snails, 16 patch and some peels I'll continue playing with blue. Head on over to SoScrappy on Saturday morning to see what other RSC projects are in the works.

Tonight (Friday) we have a graduation from Pre-K to attend. They did a pajama party at school today and mr. no nap cranky boy hopefully will behave tonight for graduation. I was thinking we would head to a restaurant after for a late dinner but I doubt he would be able to behave at that point. Leftovers or takeout it will probably be. Now to get out the 'snacks' to tide us over until after graduation for food.


Ray and Jeanne said...

I sympathize with you about machine problems - been there - ugh! Hopefully you'll have your Viking back in tip top order soon. Have a great time at graduation - hope the graduate is ready! ~Jeanne

Ellen said...

Oh boy - I do feel for you! Enjoy the graduation ceremonies and hopefully he will be very well behaved.

Sheila said...

Oh no. Hope your machine is well soon. Beautiful quilt.
I don't have a lot of yellow either. So this month I'm using any color fabric scraps that has some yellow in it to go with my yellow scraps.

scraphappy said...

Cranky kids and bad tension -- what a day! Have fun at kindergarden graduation -- they will be off to college before you can blink!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Tension abounds - with the machine and with the lack of a nap. ;-)

That firecracker quilt is gorgeous - it will be a real blessing to your step-FIL's grandson.

Cyn said...

A cranky kid AND a cranky machine? Not fun. Hope all gets sorted out quickly. Love your quilt. Just something about Red, White & Blue - always a winning combo.