Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Layout thoughts?

I've been busy sewing the black kaleidoscope triangles into pairs and then halves over the last day or two. Now it is question time. How do you like this layout, too controlled.... or should I play with it a little more? I still need to sew the halves into blocks so there is time for changes. I hope this will end up twin size and it will have a black binding.

Sorry for the cramped space in laying it out but this is currently set up in the big living room. Emily set up the Thomas the train tracks this morning and the kids have been playing with this today.


canuckquilter said...

Looks good to me! It will be a lovely quilt. I remember having floors taken over by the train tracks...and the lego...and so on. Best play there is!

Andrea said...

I like it just as it is - beautiful x

KatieQ said...

When my children were small they would make their train layouts continue from room to room all over the first floor of our house. I guess it proves we had way too many tracks.
I like the kaleidoscope layout just the way it is. The black binding will look great.

Ellen said...

Very nice!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I like the layout as is ... but I like a little control (ok, maybe a lot?) in my quilts. ;-)

Ray and Jeanne said...

Love the quilt as it is - very striking! Of course I'm one of those left brained balance kind of people.

Are trains wonderful? I'm glad you have plenty of room for the tracks. My boys used to build tunnels for their trains out of shoe boxes and anything else they could find.