Monday, September 26, 2022

Hand quilting feathers

I am attempting my first hand quilting of feathers. I had grabbed the blue quilting thread to work on the blue pumpkin I am making and grabbed it when I started quilting on this. I think I like the blue on this white section for this pattern. The photo in the light did not show up as well so this will have to do.

The pumpkin is waiting for me to get some fiberfill. I thought I had some, but I guess it is gone now. The question in my house is  'Will they call some hurricane days to have the schools prepped for shelter areas in case it should turn toward the middle of the state'. We have a fairly quiet week with just guitar lesson for Aidan Monday, and a fall concert Tuesday evening at school for Emily. The kids each have some things due Wednesday and Thursday... they are hoping for a hurricane closure!
I had to hit a grocery store this afternoon to get a few things for school lunches this week. They were limiting 2 cases of water per cart and that aisle looked pretty empty to me. Not a head of romaine lettuce in sight, which was strange. I got my ham and rolls for the kids and some spring mix for me and got the heck out of there! We have containers to fill up with water from our tap closer to the timeframe if needed. We do have a well so no power no water. Let's hope we continue to be lucky and maintain the power like the last one 5 years ago.



Julierose said...

Your feather looks lovely--nice work..

Hoping that hurricane misses you...hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm surprised you have well water for some reason - I was thinking you lived on the edge of a town - good luck and hope the hurricane doesn't head to you!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your feather looks great, and perfect for that space! Are you marking it with a template? I bet the groceries are looking empty - everyone stocking up. I don't hope that the weather is bad enough for you that the schools are closed, but I know the kids do!

Moneik said...

It sounds like your hurricane prep is similar to our blizzard prep. Hope it doesn't hit you guys.


Love the feather you are doing--nice design!
I went to Winn Dixie here on 192 and it had lots of water--I was surprised as I heard everywhere was out--I did pick up 4 more gallons--just because I was there with a friend and could get them home (vs the bus) and the shelves were pretty well stocked--so made out okay!!
hugs, di