Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday hodgepodge

 It is going to be a busy no sleep weekend. It is the annual overnight tenting out at the Drive in on Saturday with the girl scouts. Emily is starting out with horses Saturday and then following up with a Sunday Christmas Parade in the afternoon. I expect her to crash after she gets home from marching in the parade. At least this is the small one. The really long one in Ocala is next Saturday.

I did manage some meals this week! Monday, I think we got an Aldi's pizza and baked it off at home. It was a 16 inch pepperoni pizza and was under $8. Tuesday the kids baked a Salmon we picked up at Aldi and I had my bay scallops in a butter and wine sauce. Yummy. Wednesday was a baked herbed pork loin roast with roasted potato, carrot and onion. Thursday, I needed to use some mushrooms, so I tried this recipe for Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy and some mashed potato and green beans. I really liked it. Tonight is Friday so Greg will order pizza from Papa Johns or Domino's. He was at his Dad's on Wednesday night and came home with some jalapeno cheesy bread so I'm thinking he had Domino's there so probably Papa John's tonight. 

I finished one of the feathers in the setting triangle and the rest I marked need to be remarked (humidity is still in Florida so they disappeared!) I did add a little to the corner though. I need to spritz out the previous marks that I have stitched already.  Someone is waiting for his girl to get home, staring at the front door. 

I decided to do the Countdown to Christmas box from Missouri Star Quilt Company this year. I liked day 1 and can't wait for day 2 tomorrow!

Emily needed new black jeans (she might have gotten paint on hers last weekend) for her concert next week so we went to Kohl's last night. She saw this shirt and thought I needed to get it! She got a Christmas sweater, jeans and another long sleeve shirt. Expensive girl! 

I walked out this morning to check on the chickens and scared Eggnog as she was laying. I also scared 2 wasps who were building a nest. They kinda got me and I needed a little Benadryl cream on one sting to calm it down. The little buggers were building another nest when I went out this afternoon! I got 2 eggs today - a brown one from Buttercup and a small/medium green one from Eggnog. The other three ladies are finishing molting (getting new feathers for winter) and are not laying again yet. 

Tonight is time to trim the tree...... while waiting on the pizza. Seems they had an issue, so it was just going into the oven when I walked in the door from picking up Emily at school. I might have taken the dog with me. Note to self, make sure there is another person in the car when taking the dog on a 25 minute ride to school! He is very happy all his people are home in the house. 

Linking up Sunday with the Slow Sunday Stitchers. Edited - survived the drive in campout with the girl scouts. 



LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your week sounds busy, fun, and tasty! I took a look at the Salisbury steak recipe - I might have to make that one. Those darn wasps - I got stung twice when I was out gardening this summer - fortunately they're gone now. Have a fun weekend!

Ray and Jeanne said...

I look forward to seeing your gifts in the Missouri Star box. I did it a few years ago. Enjoy!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm guessing you will be glad when school is out, Deb, won't you? You are even busier than I am!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Another wonderful family week in the books, Deb. Love all the goings on and thanks for sharing your menu...always need ideas for what to feed us it seems. It is Sunday now and I wonder if Emily's parade is done. How exciting it must be to march in a Christmas parade. What experiences she is having...We sadly don't have Kohl's here...sounds like a good place to shop.

Quilter Kathy said...

NO sleep weekend?!?! I could never survive! It reminds me of the newborn days which were brutal! It looks like a fur baby has claimed the bear paw quilt! Love the photo of your multicoloured eggs! Do they taste different or all the same no matter the colour?

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You have been busy, Deb. I hope you will be able to get a good night's rest soon. I just adore your Bear Paw quilt. It is so pretty. I am so sorry to hear that you got stung. Aaah I just love the names of your hens- Eggnog and Buttercup. Cute ! Cute! Cute!

CathieJ said...

That is one busy week and weekend. The quilt looks fantastic. I love the Snoopy shirt.