Thursday, September 20, 2012

A trip down memory lane....

Kristie over at Cowgirl Quilter is doing a link up on Thursdays where we can pull out some older quilts and revisit them. The quilt I was thinking of doing this week is in Aidan's closet and he is down for a nap. So, I'll share this sampler one this week.

This is a sampler quilt that I made around 2004 and 2005 as a $5 block quilt from Yankee Pride in Essex Jct., Vermont. I made two sets of blocks and the other is done with green setting blocks and a green print border. That one lives at my sisters house up in Vermont. This quilt is tied... which is how I used to finish all my quilts until a few years ago when I started machine quilting them. This little quilt gets used a lot - the kids put it on the floor and then put their little table on it to have a snack while watching a tv program. It is much easier to wash a quilt than to clean up the carpet from spills.
It is hard to believe that I didn't know my hubby when I made this quilt! We met in 2006 and tomorrow we will be married for 6 years. Boy has the time flown and life has changed a lot in the last 8 years. 

Head on over to Kristie's blog and see a quilt show while we take a ride down memory lane.


Kristie said...

I like that one! I like how the sashing is done between the blocks. Some of my most cuddly quilts are tied. That used to be all that I did was tie them.

Thanks for sharing and we'll do it again next week!

Sheila said...

My paternal grandmother tied her quilts. I tied my earlier quilts, too. Thank you for sharing your trip down memory lane.

Cyn said...

Probably most of us began with tied quilts. Gramma did it too. Your post brought to mind old quilts of mine and was a fun walk down memory lane. Thank you.

Andrea said...

I have never tied a quilt :-( Your quilt is looking good considering all it gets used for. Have a lovely weekend xx

Kath said...

Happy Aniversary Deb! I wish my son was still little like yours, he is visiting with me and is 23 . Now where did those years go?

I am enjoying your quilts, in particular the French 4 block, which is new to me. I tried paper piecing for the first time, in the little houses project and really enjoyed it.