Saturday, September 15, 2012

No kid Saturday....

 Oh boy. I am having fun. Not really doing what I should be (preparing my sewing room for company on the 24th!), but I am getting things done and having fun in the QUIET house!
After dropping the kids off I headed to Lowes for plants and soil. I have 5 tomato's planted, 2 peppers and a new rosemary plant all in planters or in the ground. I got two little $1 gardens for the kids - a salad one and a taco one. They will get to do that as a project next week and watch them grow. I also planted some mums into the beds for some color this fall. After that and a quick shower (it is hot out there in the sun!) I had a quick lunch and then sewing time started.

First, I made my Grandmothers Choice block for the week. This is 8 inches finished.

Grandmothers Choice block -VtQuilter

Then I did a midget but that will wait until Tuesday.

Then.... I remembered I promised dance shoe bags for the kids. Do I have a pattern? Nope. Emily wanted butterfly fabric and I had some leftover from backing the baby quilt. I just winged it and came up with this reversible bag. Now, if I can remember what I did! I need to get truck or car fabric and make one for Aidan tomorrow!

Butterfly side out - VtQuilter
Reversible side in pink.- VtQuilter

Emily's dance shoes - so tiny and cute! VtQuilter

The bag with all the shoes in it. VtQuilter

I'm off to get a hair cut and then head to Grandma's and pick up Miss Emily. Aidan is having a sleep over with Grandma and will be returned tomorrow afternoon. Hope you got some time to sew today.


Cathy Tomm said...

Cute grandmother block. I just found out the next block is up. Maybe I can get to mine today.

Cyn said...

What a great day you've had! Wonderful.
Love both your block and the clever little bag. Nice.

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the photo of the little shoes:)

Kristie said...

Love your block, I haven't made this one yet. Your shoe bag turned out really nice.