Saturday, January 4, 2014

RSC 2014 - The first Saturday of the year!

I have to say, I am so happy to be in a new month and a new year. December 2013 was a rough one for me medically and I am so happy to turn the calendar to a new month and year!
I checked back and in January 2011 I was hooking up with SoScrappy for a blue scrappy month! How is it that after 3 full years I seem to have MORE scraps than I did back then? I think the fabric has parties at night and multiplies.... It couldn't possibly be from me adding to the stash =).

This year I am going to finish off some orange peels which will become the nice scrappy border for my Hugs and Kisses Quilt I started last year in the challenge. These are great for doctor office visits and waiting for the kids. Sorry - I was too lazy to lay them out again but that last X has been made.

I am also joining the hexie craze (I do have willpower - I held off for 2 years!) and I think I will make a nice garden of flowers all with a pretty yellow center of some sort. That will be the constant as I think yellow goes will all the colors in the rainbow and tends to be the center color for most flowers. I made one here using the  english paper piecing method. I have not decided if I will applique them down onto a background or create paths to go around them. Plenty of time to figure that out.

I have two more cut out and traced to be hand pieced. I'll do some each way and see which one works better for me.

This year Angela is hosting a 6 inch sampler block quilt along with the RSC challenge. I dug into the bins and created these two blocks with some scraps. I think they are cute! I could really see a whole quilt of colorful hst's in that first block.

I also finally got into the sewing room today and started on a quilt I am testing the pattern on. Nothing like waiting for the last minute- those darn medical issues! Here are my first two blocks.

I have the rest of the blocks cut out.... but may switch to the paper pieced borders since this part went smooth. My hope is to get some sewing time in tomorrow while everyone is home. As for tonight - we have been invited to Grandma's for dinner. I believe she said the kids made Chicken.

Head on over to SoScrappy and see what other projects are being started or continued this year.


  1. I like the idea of a whole quilt of half square triangles blocks in scrappy colors! Love your hexie flower. Yellow in the centers seems to perk up any color you use!

  2. That little triangles block is adorable! Love the blues and who doesn't love triangles? I want to do a QAL - need to check out that one you mentioned. Hears to good health in 2014 - and lots of stitching!

  3. I had thought about a giant quilt full of just HST blocks. Arranging the colors could be so fun. I like the rail fence too. I keep wanting to try the setting that ends up looking like diagonal stripes. Too many quilts! Hope the new year won't bring too many doctors appointments. I hope you have been feeling better?

  4. Beautiful quilt top, Deb. Please get well soon.

  5. I sure hope all of the medical issues are over for you all. :( You did have a rough few weeks.

    Loving all of your projects, amazed with all that you get done.

  6. So many wonderful projects. I LOVE your hugs & kisses - so pretty.

    I joined in with Angela's Rainbow Sampler as well. I think it will be fun to play along.

  7. You have made some great blocks. Your hexies took my breath away. I love it!

  8. Great projects (re)starts. Have fun!

  9. Look at you go! Here is to a medical free 2014!!

  10. Sounds like you are doing well with lots going on. Good luck with your hexies. I love them as my quick and easy hand piecing project. I have a few too many UFO hexie projects though.

  11. I am working on those little blue blocks too..too cute to resist!