Friday, September 28, 2012

Memory Lane week 2

This week I'm showing my quilt which is one of my favorites. I took this class at Yankee Pride in Essex Jct., Vermont while Aidan was a baby so it was the fall of 2008. This was a mystery quilt and I was so nervous picking out my colors - my first quilt with batiks. I believe it was my first mystery quilt ever and it actually turned out really well!  I was working on the top that winter and did manage to get the top done before Emily was born in April 2009. It took another year for it to get quilted but that's life with 2 kids under age 2 in the house.
My Quilt - 2008-2010 VtQuilter
The colors don't show too well but the border is a purple batik with greens and blues.

I love how it looks like there are angles and it was all straight sewing. Such a neat effect.

VtQuilter - close up of the machine quilting.
A close up of the quilting. I just did loops and swirls.

This quilt has all my favorite colors in it and now lives in the 'reading room' at the front of the house. It is often used to make forts and tents to entertain the kids and does get a lot of use. Head on over to Krisite's and see a beautiful quilt show of memories.


Kristie said...

That turned out very nice! I've never worked with Batiks. Love the design and it sounds like it has lots of memories for you and the kids.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

sara said...

I love your quilt!!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great quilt!! And awesome job on your tiny block last week. :)

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh this is really cool and different, I love it!