Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prep work Wednesday

Today was the first day of school Aidan had to miss. He was running a fever and said his throat was hurting. His sister mentioned the same thing and has a slight temp too. So, a quick call to school and they are home for the day with me. Both are taking a nice nap for me so after I got some lunch I decided to do some prep work on the kitchen island while catching up with some recorded shows.

Yesterday I prepped two pillowcases and got them completed this morning. I need to either find some more WOF fabrics to work with my flannels or just make them all one fabric. I have some cute boy ones that I don't really see using with Aidan anymore so will pass them along in these pillowcases.

Then, I prepped for my RSC orange Birds in the Air blocks. I should be able to have these 12 sewn up for Saturday.

Then, it was a quick look in the closet for some Grandmothers choice fabric and I pulled a homespun fabric and did a quick prep for some hand quilting on a QSAB. I have four waiting and now I can pull this one out and work on it here and there during the day.

I pulled some fabrics for the Grandmothers choice block. I have tried to print this out from the PDF and it never measures correctly. I decided to use some construction paper and draft it out. Cut my parts and then prep it for hand work. Hopefully it comes out ok... I have also drafted it for the midget size finishing at 4.5 inches but will piece this one first and see how it comes out.

Not too bad for a day of prep work. Hmmm should I start prepping dinner while I can do it without kids underfoot or relax with some hand work? 


Kristie said...

Yay! Pillowcases! :) I sure hope your precious little ones feel better soon. I just hate when the kids are sick. Loving all that you have going on. Can't wait to see more of those orange blocks, I love orange.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Quilter Kathy said...

I vote for "relax and do some hand quilting"! Always gets my vote!