Friday, July 1, 2022

We arrived Wednesday night.

 I did a bit of recovering yesterday and relaxed after 3 days of driving. 

Aidan and I tried Philly Cheesesteaks while in Philly. Some snaps from Philly - Independence Hall area, Liberty Bell and we did see the first supreme court (6 justices) and the original House and Senate areas before they moved to Washington DC after 10 years in Philly. 

It was too close to closing time when we were getting to Albany (Aidan wanted to see the state house and a museum there but 30 minutes was not enough time)... and they didn't want to wait the night and morning so we headed directly to camp and bypassed the Fort and Horse Museum. Might hit the horse museum next Thursday.
The kids got put to work right off Thursday morning - there was a tree down in the woods and Grandpa had been working at cutting it into big movable chunks. The kids loaded them into the wheelbarrow and lugged them down to the woodpile, then split them and stacked them. 

We did a 4PM boat ride around the lake after Mom and I got back from grocery shopping. After dinner - the kids wanted to drive and try docking the boat. It was really calm and both did a great job. We got to see the Loon as well, here she is right in front of the camp.

Seems if she is driving a boat, she will give a big smile with dimples! 

Aidan smiles bit as well!

I guess I'll have to grab a photo with the kids and Grammy and Grandpa sometime today too. I like these temps a whole lot better than Florida temps!

Might the hand work bag get opened today? I still have binding to stitch down, but that quilt has been on Mom's lap the last 2 nights! Already in use =). My sister Terri is coming out today so I'd better think about getting dressed.



Glad you made it safe and had some fun sights on the way--
and I did wonder if Emily ever smiled--and it was worth the wait!!!
Have fun stay safe--hugs, di

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I know a lot of times kids don't like to get their photos taken do they - the boat makes them happy I guess. Glad you got to see so much those temperatures look great. I bet grandma and grandpa in Vermont are always surprised at how much the kids grown from the previous time

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Great photos and good times! Driving the boat is always fun! Enjoy those Vermont temperatures, too. I hope the days don't pass by too fast for you!

Ray and Jeanne said...

So glad you arrived before the crazy 4th of July traffic began on Thursday. It sounds like you had a great trip north. Loved seeing the pictures. Enjoy your visit. ~Jeanne

Julierose said...

What a lovely spot--looks really quiet and secluded for a good visit and rest after your long car trip...Hope the rest of your weekend goes well
Happy 4th of July
hugs, Julierose