Thursday, June 17, 2021

Harmony.... oh so close to a finished block

 I had some stitching time during a quarterly staff meeting today and made good progress on getting parts sewn together. The last two steps were stitched together into their sections and the assembly began. I have a few more seams to stitch - which will continue on today.

This morning I had a fasting blood draw at my new doctors office. They wanted a follow up in 3 months after a prescription change so that was done this morning. Knowing I had a 1PM meeting at work, I warned the kids they needed to be ready by the time I got home 10:30 or 11 to head out for their second dose of the vaccine. They were up and ready! We stopped on the way home at Staples and we got all 3 of the cards laminated. I need to snap photo's of the kids cards and pop them in my email folder with mine, just in case they get lost. 

Time to stitch a few more seams and see if I can get this OMG for June completed this month!

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Very pretty red and white Harmony--so now you are happy dancing--what are you going to work on now???
hugs, di